• Women Of Tomorrow

    You might be wondering what Women of a Tomorrow is all about. What can you benefit from this club? What do you do in this club? Women of Tomorrow is an excellent club for young women today. Women of Tomorrow is a club for girls that empowers, appreciates, and understands the female race. In this club, women get guided through school and are helped to better themselves to believe that us women can achieve anything we set our minds to. We have many guest speakers come and share their knowledge and experiences with the club. The speakers talk about their hardships they had to go through and their achievements.

    Women of Tomorrow has many benefits, such as scholarships, community service and job opportunities. And a chance to be a part of the community. On the other hand Women of Tomorrow has a lot of fun! They participate in field trips , you get to meet new people with possibly the same interests as you. In order to join you must be currently in your sophomore or freshman year. Although you might have missed the deadline for the sign up, Mrs. Williams will be more than happy to help anyone with career choices if needed. Here in Women of Tomorrow no one is turned away from help or guidance!

    For more information please contact Mrs. Williams or visit the official website www.womenoftomorrow.com