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    We have finished making our selections and are laying out the magazine. We will next be putting the magazine together on be In Design. All members should try their best to most productive this time of year and we may need extra help. Thanks for all of your support.
    Pick Up Your Copy Of Embryo!
    The magazine looks great! It's full of wonderful writing and vibrant color pictures. Please show your support of the arts at Beach High (and the artists you know and love) by buying a copy in Mr. Brown's room (287). For a mere eight dollars you can enjoy these rather profound pieces of art.
    If you are not a part of the Embryo club this year and have an interest in the arts, then you should really consider joining next year. We would love to have you on our team. Staff members are elected at the start of the school year, so be sure to get involved early.
    Here is a preview poem from the 2014 edition of The Embryo: 

    Nineteen Ninety-Seven 
    The blastocyst that holds my cells together burrows deep into the uterine wall 
    “The Simpsons” burrows deep into history with its 167th episode, the longest running animated series.
    CNN reporters switch tongues, swapping English for accent marks and conjugated verbs. 
    A Canadian, Elvis Stojko, cuts the ice and takes the gold, becoming Mens Figure Skating champion. 
    And I float. 

    My spine begins to form, my circulatory system unravels, my heart pumps strongly
    Dexter King shakes hands with his father’s killer
    Fatuma Roba of Ethiopia wins the Boston Women’s Marathon 
    Gasps and applause shake households as Ellen admits to millions that she’s gay 
    Roy Lichtenstein draws his last work of art, along with his last breath
    My umbilical cord draws nutrients from the placenta 

    Arms and legs protrude, fingers and toes curl out, and still I float
    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inducts new Kings, Jackson and the Bee Gees 
    Boris Yeltsin glides his pen along the dotted line, establishing NATO
    Naomi Campbell collapses, drugs overtaking her beauty 
    The United Kingdom returns Hong Kong to China 
    My eyes, nose, and ears make an appearance 

    My tissues and organs grow and mature, I clench my fists and kick my legs 
    My blue eyes peek open 
    An earthquake strikes Italy, causing part of St. Francis Basilica to collapse
    That is my impact
    I slide out of the womb 

    I suck my thumb and blink my eyes, taking in the features of my parents’ faces
    Criminals rob $17.3 million in cash in North Carolina, the second largest cash robbery in U.S. history 
    California ends affirmative-action
    Bird flu strikes, chickens slaughtered by the thousands in Hong Kong 
    My thumb is raw 

    A tiny blue hat snugs my head, warming my developing brain. 
    My mother kisses my stomach and tickles my toes
    My father stands with a wide grin, camera flashing away in his hand 
    I breathe, I whine, I cry
    The basilica is still being rebuilt.
    -Ivan Robles.

    Why It’d Be Unfortunate to Be a T-Rex

    Dinosaurs, creatures who had roamed the earth long before any human, would have it pretty rough in this day and age; especially the T-Rex. Why do I say this? Well they have such tiny arms and pretty large heads. It would be just terrible if a T-Rex was far-sighted and dropped her contact lens. What if the dino fell over and not only couldn’t get up, but also couldn’t reach his Life Alert button? Honestly when it comes to their arms, they would have a pretty tough time. Maybe if we were to give the T-Rex an extendo-arm-grappler-thingy-ma-jig they wouldn’t have it so hard. But alas, if the dinosaur were to drop this wondrous invention, they would be back to square one since their tiny arms wouldn’t be able to reach thanks to their rather large craniums hitting the ground before anything else. 

    The only way around this dilemma would be to make some friends who would help. But how can this be? The T-Rexis a very shy and anti-social creature with /slight/ anger issues. Who on Earth would want that extra baggage? The only people who’d take advantage of the lonely dinosaur would be people who would only use the T-Rex’s appearance to scare off any unwanted guests or to be a weapon of mass destruction in order to take over the world! It wouldn't be easy to be a T-Rex.

    -Danielle Drucker-Ortiz 
    Sample Artwork:
     Jose Ruiz
    Jose Ruiz; Gatsby Era  
    Both Pieces by Jose Ruiz