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    Mu Alpha Theta Page!
    Sponsor: Ms.Juliana Lemes, room 288
    2018-2019 Board Members:
    Co-Presidents: Paige Kleidermacher and Lucia Saenz
    Co-Vice Presidents: Nicholas Carbone and Michelle Marti
    Secretary: Isabel Sanchez-Tembleque
    Treasurer: Olivia Tonini
     Historian: Jordan Frank
    Mu Alpha Theta is the Math Honor Society. Only Juniors and Seniors are permitted to join. We look forward to participating in as many competitions as possible this upcoming year. The club also provides tutoring; all members must complete 10 hours of tutoring by the end of the school year.
    To join, fill out an application form, get two teachers to recommend you (at least one must be a math teacher), and print out your course history from the student portal. Turn in to Ms.Lemes in room 288.


    We meet every second Wednesday of the month!
    Meeting of the Minds_2018
    Meeting of the Math Minds Challenge @ MDC Kendall
    David Schulman, Jia Jun Bao, Aisha Galdo, Sebastian Hereu, Ms.Lemes, Jordan Frank, Matias Aranguiz, Jason Inirio, and Sucre Elias
    Meeting of the Math Minds Challenge @ MDC Kendall
    3rd place in Mini Team Competition:
    Matias Aranguiz, Jia Jun Bao, Sucre Elias, and Jordan Frank
    SECME Math Challenge @ MDC North
    Nico Carbone, Lucia Saenz, Jordan Frank, Melanie Guzman, and Michelle Marti



    David Essner Mathematics Competition @ UM

    Catherine Geigel, Moises Coriat, Jia Jun Bao, Matias Aranguiz, and Sucre Elias

    Pi Day
    Pi Day Lunch Event