• Miami Beach Sr. High 
    The Institution
    • For the first 20 years of MBSH, it was named after Carl Fisher's mother, Ida M. Fisher. Carl Fisher provided the funds for the purchase of the land and the first principal was Mr. C. C. Carson
    • The building of the now Beach High began in 1926 and classes moved in 1928.
    • The yearbook, "The Hourglass," was dedicated to the first football team and the class flower, the scarlet bougainvillea, the class colors, scarlet and gray and the class motto: "Let us be known for our deeds."
    • Before MBSH was known as the "Hi-Tides" in 1929, MBSH was known as the "Typhoons" until the 1960's.
    • In the 60's, Miami Beach High opened its arms to diversity by undergoing desegregation efforts.
    • In 1967, the new principal, Solomon Lichter, brought technological advances to the school such as new electric typewriters for the business department.
    • In 1999, the last typewriter in the Business department was buried outside the 400 wing marking the beginning of technology at Beach High!
    • In 2001, the new principal, Dr. Jeanne Friedman, spearheaded the E-rate movement that allowed for Internet connection in all classrooms.


    • In 1963, two seniors attained perfect scores in the Florida Placement Exam, while 17% scored in the 90 percentile.
    • In 1969, Beach High reflected that 90% of the student body attended national colleges and universities.

    Events/ clubs

    • In the 30's, the Thespian Society, the new Gymnasium and the National Honor Society began.
    • In 1953, Embryo, the creative writing magazine, became a printed publication for the first time.
    • In 1957, the school newspaper," The Beachcomber" was issued bi-monthly.
    • In 1962, Mike Belkin was ranked as the number two player in tennis.
    • In September of 1972, under the direc
    • In September of 1972, Rock Ensemble was established under the direction of Mr. Clark Douglas Burris.  


    • In the 1930's, the volleyball team won its first state championship.
    • In 1946 and 1962, the basketball team won its first state championship.
    • In 1955, the football team ruled as the Gold Coast Champs!
    • In 1965, Coach Chuck Fieldson was The Miami Herald's Coach of the Year and Rick Ascott was named Player of the Year.
    • In 1981, the football team rated in the top five in both offense and defense, and in 1995, they returned to their glory as district champions for the first time after 10 years