Traveling through Language Acquisition
    Cary L. Diaz, Ed.S.
    ESOL Department
    FOREIGN LANGUAGE Department 
    Learning Language Passion
    Passion gives you the energy and will to arrive at where one wishes to be, it drives one to achieve.  It helps propel one to go where one hasn't imagined before.  Passion is a key ingredient of success!  I want to share my passion with my students.  Language learning is enriching and opens so many opportuntites that lead to expanded studies, experiences and possibly lifelong friends.  

    As a result of my studies, I approach my courses with an integrated curriculum as set by National, State and Local standards and reflected in the Common Core.   A key component of the Common Core is geared to learning that meets the needs of today's student body. 
    My goal is for students to learn more than grammatical exercises; I want them to be engaged,  active participants of a global 21 Century.
    Below you will find my contact information,  feel free to write an email.  
    PER 1:  ENG 1- GRADE 9
    PER 2:  ENG 2- GRADE 10
    PER 3:  ENG 2- GRADE 10 
    PER 5:  ENG 3- GRADE 11
    PER 6:  ENG 1 - GRADE 9
    PER 7:  SPANISH 2
    Room #181.

    P: 305.532.4515 

    F: 305.531.9202

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