• David Reese, NBCT

    Language Arts Teacher



    Announcement: Revised Friday, August 28, 2020


         Each school day, log-in to your dadeschools portal.

         Access the My School Online (MSO) tile. Click by the Class Connect Link and join Mr. Reese at the designated time on your schedule. 

         During the Week of Welcome August 31-Sept 4. students will spend time completing the Introduction to Student Learning (IOL ) Training series, and get a rolling introduction to their English II, English II Honors (Gifted),     AP English Language and Composition, and Holocaust Studies Classes.

         For the first week of school, all of Mr. Reese's students will meet with Mr. Reese at the appointed time on the MSO - K12 platform.

         AP English Language and Composition and Holocaust Studies classes may be changing to meetings on Microsoft Teams, also accessed through the students' portals, but this is not determined yet. Again, please meet on My School Online during the first week of school/


    Teacher Schedule

    Per 1 - English II Honors / English II Honors Gifted

    Per 2 - English II Honors / English II Honors Gifted

    Per 3 - Holocaust Studies

    Per 4 - AP English Language and Composition

    Per  5 - AP English Language and Compostion

    Per  7 - AP English Language and Compostion

    Period 8 - English II