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    Due to the coronavirus Miami Beach Senior High School will be closed 3/16/2020 until further notice. Students at home are highly encourage to continue with the class curriculumn. Information and assignments will be on the class pages as they normally are. Complete the assignments and upload them, using proper classroom procedures. Students in my Administrative Office Technology and Digital Information Technology must upload GMetrix to complete some of the assignments. Students that need to upload GMetrix go to www.gmetrix.net and follow the instructions to download the application. If you have questions and need to contact me, go to my email at daveschmidt@dadeschools.net. My office hours will be from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. We will use at this time Edmodo to turn in assignments as we normally do. This is a great time to utilize the Software Study Guides and using GCFreeLearning.org and GMetrix to prepare for Industry Certifications when we get back. You will upload softline work as instructed from your classpage. Thank you and stay safe and healthy! -Mr. Dave Schmidt

     Mr. Dave Schmidt

    • Lead Teacher of Academy of Information Technology  
     Mr. Schmidt    

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     Graduated from Florida State University with a BS degrees in Business Management and Accounting. Also received a BS degree from Florida International University in Business Education. Mr. Schmidt has been teaching at Miami Beach Senior High for 21  years. The students, teachers and administrators at Miami Beach Senior High have been part of an excellent professional working environment. I enjoy working with computers and people! With proper training in computers,  people can do whatever their imaginations can think of. Currently teaching Administrative Office Technology, Digital Media/Multimeda Foundations 1 and Digital Information Technology.



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    Administrative Office Technology


    Administrative Office Technology




    Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations 1  


    Administrative Office Technology


    Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations 1 


    Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations 1  

    All classes are in room #507 unless notified by teacher. 

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