• atom Welcome to Phi Beta Chi

    Science Honors Society


    Sponsor: Mr. Carlos Rodriguez          


    Club Officers

    President - Ian Krupkin
    Vice President - Abigail Gualda and Scott Kauffman
    Secretary -  Isabel Sanchez-Tembleque
    Treasurer -  Paige Kleidermacher
    Upcoming Events
    Next Meeting: September 6th after school room 266
    Tutoring after School- Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Media Center


    Membership Requirements/ Fees


    • Current Junior or Senior
    • Must have completed two science courses
    • An unweighted avg of 3.00 or higher in your science courses
    • Must also complete one AP/IB or college level science classes before you graduate.
    • Must complete 16 hours of tutoring a year. At least 8 in school tutoring.
    • participate in club’s activities such as meetings, fund raisings and competitions.
    • The annual membership fee is $5.00 per year.