The Beachcomber



    Club Officers


    Editor in Chief- Claire Austin

    Copy Editors- Jehanne Wyllie and Juan Lira

    Layout Editor- Shyoni Chin- Tai

    Sports Editors- Alberto Roman and Jonathan Varela

    Arts Editor- Alexandra Gratereaux

    Business Manager- Alicia Sanchez

    Graphics Manager- Jana Rodriguez   

    Opinions Editor- Andy Bass

    News Edior- Juan Liria


    Meeting Dates/Times

    Meet daily during 1st period journalism class.


    Upcoming Events


    Four issues of the Beachcomber per year.


    Membership Requirements/Fees

    No fees required. Must have at least a C in English class and must be approved by Mrs. Duval.


    Club Purpose and Goals

    The main objective of the Journalism club is to inform, stimulate, and entertain the student body and faculty. While achieving these goals, the clubs strives to provide fair, accurate and timely articles of relevance to Miami Beach School and its surrounding community in the Beachcomber.