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    Ms. Gussie Sakowicz, M.S., NBCT

    Email - gussie@dadeschools.net

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    Class Rules

     NO CELL PHONE CHARGING PERMITTED IN CLASSROOM – No Excuses!! CHARGING of cell phone in class will result in confiscation. Consider this your Warning!!


    1. Always be prepared and on time – This includes arriving to class in proper uniform with all class supplies, sitting in assigned seats, and completing/submitting all class and homework assignments by their due date.
    2. Always ask for permission first – Everyone must have my consent before leaving the class to go to the restroom, office, etc., and must remain in their seats until formally dismissed. Always raise your hand in order to ask for permission. Students should not be walking around the classroom unless given permission to do so.
    3. No cheating of any kind will be permitted in class – This includes all tests, class assignments, homework assignments, and projects. Students may not copy information from other’s work, books/textbooks, or directly from the Internet. No plagiarism (of any form) will be accepted. I will be more than happy to review information before tests and projects.
    4. Always show respect to me, your classmates, your classroom, and yourself -This includes waiting for your turn to speak, listening to others, not damaging other’s property (including all materials and equipment in the classroom). Never hurt or offend other students in the class, and always remember the Golden Rule (treat others as you would like to be treated).
    5. Be responsible for yourself and your actions - This includes being honest, cleaning up after yourself, following all class and school rules, and following through on any discipline actions that are the result of a violation from one of the above rules.

    Proper uniform and school ID are required in class daily.

    In the event that a classroom rule is violated, one or more of the following consequences will occur: Warning, Parental Contact, Detention, Team Conference with Parents, Reduction in Conduct Grade, Conference with Counselor, Referral, and Loss of Classroom Privileges (including supplies/equipment use).

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Last Modified on March 17, 2020