CAP Drum Corps

    Here is an UPDATE about the Miami Beach Senior High Drum Corps:

               The Drum Corps at Miami Beach Senior High is unique. It is the ONLY military-style Drum Corps in all of Dade Schools and the largest school-based Drum Corps in Florida. Although originally started at the request of Col. Charles Kerr (USMC Ret.) the original Commanding Officer of the Miami Beach Senior High N-JROTC, our Miami Beach Senior High Drum Corps has expanded beyound its original mission of ceremonial support for the MBSH N-JROTC. As some of you may know the great majority of our Drum Corps concerts are off campus hi-profile public performances not only on the Beach but the greater Miami-Dade County area as well. By last December we had performed a number of times; 3 parades, Vererans Day, Memorial Day, Fouth of July on Key Biscayne, 2 Marathons, Mothers against Drunk Drivers, etc. etc.  In November we were asked to perform for the US Southern Command Navy Birthday Ball in South Dade. This performance was very significant for the Drum Corps in that it was for the US NAVY by special invitation. We are always performing but not always at MBSH.

            I am pleased to to announce that as a direct result of the November Navy Birthday performance, The Miami Beach Senior High Drum Corps has been invited to perform for the 20th Anniversary Broward Navy Days Celebration abord the USS Iwo Jima Navy/Marine Amphibious Ship. The Guest of Honor aboard USS Iwo Jima will be none other that the CHIEF of NAVAL OPERATIONS . The CNO is the Highest Ranking Active Duty Naval Officer in the US Navy and he serves as a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff along with the other Service Chiefs, the Commandant of the Marine Corps, and Chief of Staff of the US Army, and Chief of Staff of the US Air Force.

             Why may you ask was our Drum Corps asked to perform for this prestigious event, because no other musical unit or organization in Dade County CORRECTLY performs the US Military Drum Cadances that the MBSH Drum Corps plays which are based on those of the United States Marine Drum and Bugle Corps in Washington DC. The USMC Drum & Bugle Corps is the ONLY full-time Drum Corps in the US Military. Our Drum Corps at MBSH has a DIRCT link to the USMC Drum Corps in Washington. Capt. Simon a former member of this Nationally known Drum Corps, regularly visits the USMC "D&B" and last August was invited to attend a Marching Pecussion Workshop, at the Marine Barracks in Washington the "Oldest Post of the Corps." Capt. Simon was allowed to film most of these practice sessions and then upon his return to Miami Beach, transcribed most of the USMC Drum Corps warm-ups as well as several State-of-the-Art Drum Cadences. Starting in September Capt. Simon began to teach these new pieces to our MBSH Drum Corps. We have now fully integrated these great Rudimental Percussion excercises into our Drum Corps curriculum. NO OTHER percussion group in ANY school in Florida has been able to have such an incredible source of musical material as our MBSH Drum Corps.

               In addition the MBSH Drum Corps will soon become the MBSH CIVIL AIR PATROlL Drum Corps. By special and unique authorization of the Florida Wing of Civil Air Patrol the official Auxillary of the US Air Force, The MBSH CIVIL AIR PATROL Drum Corps will be the first and ONLY Cadet Drum Corps in the entire 50-state 22,000 member US Civil Air Patrol. We will be authorized to perform throughout the entire USA, and will travel FREE, on US Air Force Boeing C-17 Military Transport Aircraft to all CAP authorized events and performances, and to stay FREE of CHARGE on US Air Force Bases. This will be a tremendous and unique opportunity for our Miami Beach Students.

                    We are also looking for any interested MBSH Faculty members who would like to join and support Civil Air Patrol at Miami Beach Senior High. Within one Month of your joining MBSH-CAP, and your uniform purchase, I promise, YOU will be at the controls of a Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182, FLYING up Miami Beach over our Beautiful New Building.


    KJSimon, Capt., Civil Air Patrol


    Want to join? Want more info? Schedule a performance?



    PHONE: 305 532 4515 EXT. 2236   EMAIL: ksimon@bellsouth.net  


    PHONE: 305 532 4515 Ext. 3320 / 786 406 2617  EMAIL: ChristianRodriguez@dadeschools.net





Last Modified on March 19, 2014