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    Edmodo is where I will be delivering instruction during distance learning.  Please be sure to sign up for your class. 

    Period 1: 3zw5z5

    Period 2: ssa3k2

    Period 3: 7wueah

    Period 5: 6mzi4h

    Period 6: 4b4vy4

    Period 7: cx9tw7

    Honors Theatre: xe6fvy

    IB Theatre: qad7t4

    Welcome to Theatre  

    2019-2020 Schedule

    Period 1: Theatre 1

    Period 2: Theatre II

    Period 3: English I Honors

    Period 4: Planning

    Period 5: Technical Theatre I & II

    Period 6: English I Honors

    Period 7: Technical Theatre III & IV

    Period 8: Honors & IB Theatre



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