• Mission Statement:
       Our goal is to help students reach an understanding of college. Many students don't know where or how to start, we want to be their guide. We help students learn about college requirements, applications, scholarships, and we plan trips to take the members to different college campuses to get a feeling of how it is to live and study at a university. 
    How to get in:
    1- Fill out the College Club Application (below our "About" page)
    2- Pay the $20 club fee
    3- Return the application as soon as possible to Ms. Carro's classroom or to any board member if you see us around.
    *If you cannot pay the club fee, please talk to Ms. Carro, we are very flexible and are willing to help you if you can't pay*
    If you get accepted we will deliver an invitation to you during one of your classes.
         Our meetings will be every 2nd Thursday of each month. If there are any changes in meetings we will let you know beforehand.
    How to find us:
    - You can always stop by Ms. Carro's classroom in room 243 or ask any of the board members if you see us around school, we're very friendly :)
    - You can also send us questions to our email: mbshcollegeclub@hotmail.com 
    - The easiest and best way to find us and ask questions is by liking our Facebook page: MBSH College Club , we always post meetings, important dates, information, pictures, and answer questions on our Facebook page!


Last Modified on July 28, 2015