News: Erik Zorrilla started wrestling the summer of his 9th grade year. He instantly fell in love with the sport, because there were no politics involved. “It's simple if you beat your teammate you get the varsity spot” said Erik. “When people ask me if there is an off-season, "I simply reply there is no off season”. "The grind continues 24/7" according to Erik. He trains every day, lifts multiple times a day, eats as clean as possible and gives his body the proper rest that it needs. Erik has managed varsity wrestling and his classwork for his entire high school career.  “Maintaining my grades is a very complicated yet possible task, just do your work, show up to class, and pay attention”. Erik continues to train as he considers his college opportunities.

    Zorrilla and Robby

    Erik's Wrestling Resume

    2014 3A State Semi-Finalist
    2014 3A Region 2nd Place
    2014 3A District Champion
    2014 GMAC 2nd Place
    2014 All Class State Champion
    2013 3A State Qualifier
    2013 3A Region Champion
    2013 3A District Champion
    2013 GMAC Champion
    2013 FILA Jr. Greco National Champion
    2013 FILA Jr. Greco World Team Runner Up
    2013 Fila Cadet Greco All American 5th Place