Michael McNamee, Technical Director

  • Photo of Mac McNamee  

    Mr. McNamee, Room 311


    Fine Arts Department, Auditorium Stage Crew
    Rock Ensemble Assistant Director
    ID Cards – Mobile Device Project DSP

    Miami Beach Senior High School Alumnus


    (305) 532-4515 (ext 2311)

    Mr. McNamee is in charge of the Auditorium Stage Technology at Miami Beach Senior High, ID Tech, and the MDCPS Mobile Device Project Designated Site Professional. He is the Assistant Director of the Rock Ensemble at MBSH, a position he has held since 1996.

    A Miami Beach native, he was first introduced to the Rock Ensemble at Treasure Island Elementary, and he began to try his hand at music during his years at Nautilus Junior High School. Mac participated in the Rock Ensemble as a student at Miami Beach Senior High, but we won't reveal exactly when—to spare his feelings.

    Since graduating Beach High, Mac has pursued a career in the entertainment industry; primarily behind the scenes as an audio recording engineer and music producer, and recently back on stage as the lead singer and guitarist with Think Like A Key recording artist The Macsters. The Macsters blends power pop and rock, and traces its origins to South Florida where they have exploded onto the scene.

    MBSH Rock Ensemble


    The Macsters

Last Modified on April 19, 2019