• We take part in numerous activities including:
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     Scuba Certifications!                 Coral Restoration!                Shark Tagging!
    Scuba Certifications!
    Coral Restoration
    Shark Tagging
    • Seagrass Transplanting
    • Coastal Restoration
    • Marine Life Surveys
    • Guest Speakers from local University Scuba Programs
    • Field trips & More!

    SCUBA Club's Certification Courses:

    The core courses we work on with students include:

    "Scuba Diver" - Certified to 40ft of water and always under direct professional supervision

    "Open Water" - Certified to 60ft of water

    "Advanced Open Water" - Certified to 100ft of water  (can include night dives too!)


    PADI Certification Card
    - We also (as available) provide oppertunies for certifications in First Aid / CPR, Rescue Diver & Free Diving

    Certification outside of MBSH can cost you up to $500! Thanks to Mr. Salisbury, his partnership with Tarpoon Lagoon and our generous donors, we're able to offer our students a heavily discounted, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to, not only become divers but to engage in real-world experiences that may not be available to the average student. Financial aid is available on a need basis and is sorted by our sponsor and the club officers.

    Club Dues, Course Prices, and Course Availability vary from year to year.

    All questions on club dues go to salisbury@dadeschools.net or in person in room 376.

     Our goal is to make SCUBA an affordable, incredible experience for MBSH students!

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    If you have any questions or you, or someone you know, would like to become a donor & help enrich the lives of our children, please contact Mr. Salisbury at salisbury@dadeschools.net or in person in classroom #376.


Last Modified on January 7, 2020